Olympic Home Based Business Association
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We're happy you found us! This site is for you - you'll notice right off that this site is different than most of the home business support pages on the Internet.
  • We don't have lots of ads for get-rich schemes or 'opportunities' cluttering our pages. For site revenue, we do show the Google adsense ads on the right, however we block any ads that we decide come from less than trustworthy sites.
  • We avoid hype and nonsense.
  • We are member focused - but also aim to educate the general public

Are You Home Based?

We include anyone who operates a business in or from their home, or would like to!

Your business does not have to be done inside the home, as long as that is where you do any income generating or administrative work. Farmers for instance are usually home based, although they do their work literally in the field.